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South Loch Ness Heritage Group

An illustrated talk by Bob Main and Morag MacNeill.

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Community Council Elections 2015
Nomination Papers by 6th Oct
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Retained Firefighters Wanted

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TV Signal Problems - Dores
This problem is still being persued by the community Council, however for your information here is the last update from the BBC

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Superfast Broadband Announced

HIE Published details of plans for this area on 12th August
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Loch Ness Marathon

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The Beast

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Community Council Elections
Wednesday 18th Nov.

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ETAP 24th April 2016

For next years cycle race the organisers are planning on completely closing the road between Dores and Holm roundabout, due to safety issues, up to around 12.25pm

If you have any problems or concerns about this please contact one of your Community Councillors or click here to email.

The Dores & Essich Parish extends from the outskirts of Inverness to the shores of Loch Ness. Much of the parish is rural. Much of the land is farmed with extensive tracts of plantation and natural forest. The main settlement is the village of Dores. Dores is a pleasant village situated on the northern end of Loch Ness. Its inhabitants mostly work in Inverness 10 miles away.


Aerial view of Dores.


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